Getting to Amsterdam, Meeting Our Hosts

Last night we finally made it to the city where we stayed in another hostel. We met some of our professors and got to explore parts of the city. Today, we did a scavenger hunt and my group got to see a gorgeous public park with art pieces scattered around and great areas for children to play! We also got to see a few of the exhibits at the Tropenmuseum, which is a beautiful place. I have photos that I’ll upload later once I get them off of my camera.

I’ve finally moved into my host home, and it’s lovely. I’ll get to bike to class everyday, and there are a couple pizza joints and Thai restaurants near me that I can go to.

The city is gorgeous and full of history, but also a lot of modernity. I’m excited to get to know more about it as I live here for the coming months. We spoke with an alum from this program who moved to the city, because she loved it so much during her SIT stay. She said she’s already convinced several other alumni to do the same, so fair warning to my parents.



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