Day Seven: More Biking

At last, after a week in the Netherlands and a couple days in Amsterdam, we have finally earned our bikes. Since I’m short, the bike shop, Recycle, gave me a children’s bike which is slightly embarrassing, but at least I get a colorful bike instead of a boring gray one. My bike is blue, orange, and yellow, and she’s got a cute little bell on her. I’m excited to explore Amsterdam on a bike and be able to get around in ten minutes instead of half an hour. This city is run by bikers; we (I can say “we” now) have our own paths marked on the streets, our own signs, and if a car hits us it’s always their fault.

I was pretty worried about keeping up on a bike, being severely out of shape and not ready to exercise to school everyday, but my friend and I successfully biked home today! After I got back, I did the conversions to find out how long we biked for and come to find out… the route from school back home is six miles. To go to school and then come back is twelve miles in total, not to mention going on trips to the local museums or to grab a bite to eat during lunch. I’m even more worried about being able to keep up now, though I think that after a couple months I’m not going to want to give my bike up!



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