This past Sunday, Jordan and I took a trip to the Rijksmuseum; a huge, gorgeous museum in the heart of Amsterdam that holds hundreds of art pieces from Rembrandt to modern artists. We didn’t make it through the entire museum, due to sheer size, though we thought we had. (This museum is so big that we didn’t even realize we missed an entire side of the building, because it felt like we had to have seen everything!) The Rijksmuseum is on Museumplein, a square in the city that also hosts the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum (modern art museum), and the famed I Amsterdam sculpture.

These are a couple of my favorite pieces that we saw, and unfortunately I completely forgot to save their titles and the names of the artists responsible. The girl in the photo is Jordan, for those curious. The ceiling is just one photo of the beautiful architecture inside and out of the Rijksmuseum. After visiting the museum we got lost, getting on the wrong tram and not realizing it for twenty minutes. That was really fun…. Not!



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