We Printed 3D Clits!

So, a big part of one of my first modules in Amsterdam is sexual education and how much it lacks in so many ways. A large aspect we’ve discussed is how most women don’t know much about their bodies, specifically their genitals. If you think about it, even outside the classroom in popular culture, talking about the female body is still considered a taboo. Last night we had a session about the clitoris, its anatomy and how it works. I definitely learned some cool facts. Accompanying the session, everyone had the chance to buy their own colorful 3D printed clit. They’re actually more or less created to scale. Of course, every body is different, but these 3D clits are about average size. I didn’t end up getting one, because I knew I would just lose it, but the idea behind them is so neat and definitely something that sexual education needs to work on.

Enjoy my silly, not to scale, and generally anatomically incorrect doodle (and fun facts!)



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