I went to Carnaval this Sunday in Maastricht, and it was amazing. We arrived around noon when they were amidst their opening ceremonies. They pulled a giant puppet up on a stick, where she remains all week until Tuesday when she’s burned.  They set off eleven (the fool’s number) cannon fires, and then the parade began. We watched the parade until five in the afternoon when we decided we should head back to Amsterdam, but the parade was still going strong as we left! People dressed up in extravagant costumes, built themed carts with built in taps, celebrating the day with a lot of alcohol. It was like a week-long Halloween for adults.

It was an exciting, but exhausting day. I definitely would come back for Carnaval again given the opportunity. It was an amazing look into the culture of the south of the Netherlands. (Holland/North NL doesn’t celebrate Carnaval, because they’re most Protestants and Carnaval is a Catholic event.) Here are a few photos of costumes and family carts that made me laugh.

On a different note, this Saturday we head to Morocco!!! I’m excited to go to Africa for the first time, and I’m extra pumped for shopping in the medinas.


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