I Got Lost…

These past few weeks have been full of classes and projects, leaving me with not so much time to explore the city further. This is my last week of classes before we head into ISP17636842_1305776196183664_7880861749142551798_o period where each of us work on our own independent study projects and research. Yesterday, I actually ended up getting lost in the city on my way to meet with my advisor for this project. It was a little troublesome, as I didn’t have any service or wifi to connect too, as I was lost in an incredibly residential area outside of the city. Google Maps failed me, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to travel without a hardcopy map of Amsterdam now… Kidding, my reliance on technology is too heavy to turn back now. But! I’m happy to say that I found my way back fairly easily, and I think that means that I’m getting better at navigating this wonderful city. While I was lost, I also found this lovely pink building. I also found the zoo and a pack of flamingos hanging out in a small pond. In the end, the scary moment turned pink.

And for those wondering, no I never got to my intended location. The meeting was rescheduled to a Skype interview… which is much easier to find my way to!



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