An Adventure to Zaanse Schans!

This past weekend, my friend came all the way from London to explore the city and visit me. Yesterday, we spent the day at Zaanse Schans up in Zaandam. It’s a cute, picturesque Dutch town that features several small museums and shops. Similar to Sauder Village, it’s got workers in traditional Dutch costume and you can try old fashioned candies and food. We tried on painted clogs, ate too many (not enough) cheese samples, and saw an abundance of lovely farm animals and pets. One tourist even had his dog with him, and he was so well trained that he sat for a photo in from of a pair of giant clogs!!

I had gone to this open air museum once before at the beginning of my semester here when it was still freezing and not many of the novelty shops weren’t open. It was great to see the whole museum experience in action when the weather was nicer! My favorite bits were the old fashioned Albert Heijn (a popular grocery store in the Netherlands to this day), and the lovely cats that live in the neighborhood.


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