16583157_744741285690789_2636766876411101184_nMy name is Jourdyn McQueary. I’m currently a sophomore at Ithaca College studying screenwriting as well as women’s and gender studies. I’ve always had a love for travel, and I take any and all opportunity to put my love to good use. This semester, my gender studies minor has brought me the wonderful opportunity to spend several months studying in Amsterdam! This blog is where I’ll be posting regular updates and photos of the things that I’ve gotten to do while I spend this school semester in the Netherlands. I’ll also be visiting Belgium, Valencia, and Morocco!! So, keep a look out for posts and photos of my adventures in those new and exciting places. This blog is mainly for family and friends to keep track of me while I’m across the ocean exploring a new place, but strangers are welcome to live vicariously through me too if you so choose.

Other places to hang out with me on this journey can be found on my social media page.