Rabat: A Review

An overly enthusiastic group of 25 US based college students arrived in Casablanca, Morocco this past Saturday night, immediately getting onto a bus that would take them to their home for the next week: Rabat. Morocco is a gorgeous country, and we spent the first week of it in their political capital learning about gender and sexuality within the Moroccan context (also, shopping.) I’ve had terrible wifi connection these past two weeks, and tonight marks my last in Africa. I spent the first week of this trip in Rabat, but this past week I was hopping place to place (Fes, Marrakesh, and Casablanca). Each city had so much history and beauty, I can’t possibly pack it all into one post.

Below the read more, I’ll be summarizing my favorite activities during my first Moroccan week in Rabat – with some pictures! (There will be more coming on Flickr and Facebook.)

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Stedelijk (feat. The Van Gogh Museum)

Today I biked to the modern art museum and the Van Gogh museum. These are my favorite pieces from today! I remembered to take photos of their information plaques this time (for the most part), so they all have their artists and titles. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has a large Tinguely exhibit going on right now, and it’s absolutely amazing. He’s a Swiss artist that made artwork that makes artwork. He took junk and created machines that move, draw, and light up. The exhibit was interactive and amazing. I have a few photos from the Van Gogh museum, but taking pictures there is forbidden. So, bear with the low quality. The photos aren’t supposed to exist in the first place. Shh…